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Breathe and Draw

Breathe and Draw is a piece for our individual and collective imaginations. It is an experience that is eased into existence and meaning not by the ‘composer’, but by the people in the performance space; by breathing, drawing, playing, and/or imagining. Each individual will have their own experience of and contribution to the piece, and the hope is to create a sense of community from our unique yet aligned creativities.

The 25-minute piece hinges on a basic cyclical idea: audiences respond to the music they hear by drawing images which the musicians then take to create more music and the cycle repeats. In this way, Breathe and Draw is created collaboratively by the musicians and audiences themselves and each performance is specific to the group of people, or community, present in that particular performance.

Breathe and Draw reminds us that communities are as much imagined as they are physical, that the community spirit is able to bridge distances, and that it is up to us, both individually and collectively, to foster and nurture these communities.

Found out more on Nevis Ensemble's website.

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Year: 2021

Instrumentation: Two conductors, sinfonietta, and audience participation

Duration: 25'

Commissioned by: Nevis Ensemble

Recorded by: Nevis Ensemble

Other: Shortlisted for Scottish New Music Award 2021

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