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Dreaming Clouds

Described as a "remarkable experience" (Schmopera), Julia Cheng and Alex Ho explore the perception of Chinese-British identities through their multidisciplinary piece, Dreaming Clouds. Taking Cantonese Opera as their starting point, they look to create a visceral experience interrogating the intersections between themselves, music and dance, and Chinese and British cultures.

The piece follows a range of abstract characters/emotions as a replacement of the narrative. The hope is to reflect upon the complex and often non-linear relationships that diasporic communities often encounter with their cultural heritage, and in doing so, broaden our understanding of cross-cultural existence and its importance in today’s society

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Year: 2019

Instrumentation: Dancer, violin

Duration: 15'

Premiered by: Julia Cheng and Alex Ho at Rough for Opera, The Cockpit Theatre, in May 2019

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