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In Significance

This piece investigates the often uncomfortable relationship between centres and ‘their’ peripheries. Whether in respect to postcolonial thought, environmental issues, or social structures, the implication is that those on the periphery – individuals, groups, nature – are marginalised, ignored, and at times forgotten. It is as if the centre is independent and self-sufficient whilst the periphery is somehow lesser… unimportant… insignificant…

And yet the relationship between a ‘centre’ and a ‘periphery’ is in fact interdependent. One does not exist without the other and in the latter, there is always latent value and meaning. In Significance thus meditates on these ideas, and hopes to encourage a more holistic understanding of how communities, histories, and beings interact with each other.

Find out more about In Significance on the LSO blog.

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Year: 2020

Instrumentation: Two perc., ob., hrn., pno., vln., vlc.

Percussion: x4 Timpani, vibraphone, glockenspiel, tubular bells, bass drum, tam-tam, x5 woodblocks, x4 singing bowls, triangle

Duration: 12'

Commissioned by: London Symphony Orchestra as part of LSO Soundhub

Premiered by: Members of the LSO at LSO St. Luke's in July 2019

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