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The players are asked to repeat each and every bar in the piece between five and seven times. Each decision by each player informs the tapestry of sound produced.

This piece seeks to examine the relationship between the past and present. Indeed, any consideration of the past can be said to be an interpretation intrinsically imbibed with the knowledge of the present, and conversely, these acts of retrospection can be said to shape our understanding of the present. As such, it is this idea that arguably makes history most relevant today as the past and present perpetually reinvent each other in a constant state of flux. Reinventions thus presumes a notion that the past and present form a fluid relationship and attempts to create a perceptual experience that explores its nuances.

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Year: 2017

Instrumentation: String orchestra

Duration: 6-10' (variable duration)

Commissioned by: Fantasia Orchestra

Premiered by: Fantasia Orchestra conducted by Thomas Fetherstonhough at St. Mathew's Patronal Church, London, in September 2017

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