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Tell them we were here

This piece looks to embody the spirit of a festival. Beyond bringing individuals and communities together in celebration, I am particularly interested in the way that festivals also occupy and transform existing places, albeit only as long as the festival lasts. In doing so, they can be seen to reimagine and create new temporary spaces that blur boundaries between communities and cultures, providing in turn a platform for new ideas and identities. From personal experience, I find that diasporic culture is often misrepresented and under-acknowledged, frequently framed as belonging to one specific place. It is festivals however that can play a significant role in undermining this assumption and it is up to us to consider and remember their implications after the festival has passed.

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Year: 2019

Instrumentation: Flute, Yangqin, Percussion

Duration: 13'

Commissioned by: Chinese Arts Now

Premiered by: Tangram at Chinese Arts Now Festival at LSO St. Luke's in January 2019

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