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i) Holding my Breath
ii) When the Light Fades

Echoes as a title is an allusion to the experience of discovering and exploring a vast cave. The idea of ‘holding one’s breath’ that characterises the first movement is to imply a feeling of nervousness and excitement, as if one is crossing into unknown territory. 'When the Light Fades' is a more descriptive title that imagines walking into a cave so far that one loses the light from the familiar realm left outside.

The title of this piece, Echoes, can be seen as serving a double function. Firstly, it provides the context through which the conceptual image of a cave may be deduced. Secondly, it hints towards the relationship between the movements that was central to crafting the musical material and their developments. Thus, just as echoes are paradoxically isolated and distinct sounds yet whose identity relies on another pre-conceived sound, the second movement of this work relies on the preparation in the first movement in order for its own sound world to be understood.

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Year: 2016

Instrumentation: String Quartet

Duration: 9'

Recorded by: Musicians of Oxford University

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